Friday, January 6, 2012

New Nails for a New Year

These confetti nails will give you a burst of glitter for New Years’ Eve. How did I do it? First, leave your nails long but file them. I didn’t cut mine much or file, and they broke and kept on getting caught on my clothes, so after about a week I had to saw those killers off. Do NOT cut them for this design. I did, and now my nails look stubby and tacky. But DO file them.
*P.S. I meant to post this New Years’ Eve. Sorry I didn’t.*

For this design you’ll need:
-base coat
-glitter polish
-confetti polish or glitter hexagons
Directions: Coat your nails with your clear polish. Paint the white part of your nails (the top part) with glitter polish. I didn’t do a very good job at this. With your confetti polish, in a dabbing motion, paint the rest of your nails. Make sure to have enough confetti so it doesn’t look tacky. Hope you like this!

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