Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY: Fabric Button Earrings

So, I’ve been seeing these darling earrings on Pinterest {FYI, everybody, Pinterest is my life and my love <3}. And I really wanted to make them. Like really badly. But normally when I try DIY projects, they don’t turn out as planned. I won’t give you any scenarios, just because I’m too ashamed. But these earrings looked foolproof and I was determined to make them.

DIY Fabric Button Earrings


-a cover button kit (you can find this at craft stores, I used Dritz)
-fabric squares
-earring posts
-jewelry glue or any kind of strong glue (I used  E-6000)
-scissors and marker/pen
-pliers (or something to pry the hook off the back of the button)

Let’s get started!

The instructions are pretty basic and explained on the back of the cover button kit, but I’ll lead you through them anyways :)

So, begin with cutting a circle from your fabric swatch. There should be a circle template on the back of the button kit. You can buy some from the fabric store or use up some old swatches. I used some gorgeous, vintage-y {is that a word?} squares my Grandma gave me. I love floral patterns!

Pull all the hooks off your button backs with pliers. I had a lot of trouble with this and ended up getting help from the parentals.

Center the fabric over the mold and place the button shell over it. Gather all the fabric into the mold.

Push the button back on top and use the pusher to help you put it into place. I’M A PUSHER CADY, I PUSH PEOPLE! {sorry, Mean Girls spasm) Pop your button out of the mold. You’ve got a fabric covered button!

Now glue your earring posts onto the button backs and let dry for like 8 hours or so, or whatever your glue directions say. I used this little craft pack of glues and picked the E-6000. You don’t have to use it, some other strong glue/jewelry glue should work :)

You did it! You’ve got a fabric covered button earring!

I got a little carried away with this project and made 3 pairs of earrings. You should too. Enjoy!

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