Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Quote of the Day:
"Work hard in your life. Remember, you can only go forwards."

I'd just like to wish you all a Happy New Year's Eve and a (late) Merry Christmas! What's your New Year's resolutions? My main one is this: Stop being a chocolate fool! Although, that resolution might not happen considering I got a huge Godiva chocolate basket for Christmas. Yum! So tell me (in the comments section of this post), what is your New Year's Resolution?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Do You Rule School?

Quote of the Day
"To can't be the best if you don't believe you are"

Ready to find out if you're school savvy or if you need to step up your game?
Take this super-short quiz to find out!

You have a quiz Monday... what do you do over the weekend?
A. Ahem... do you even have to ask? I wait till Sunday night and party the rest of the weekend.
B. Study of course. 24 hours straight.
C. Study a little bit each day.

Your English teacher just gave you back the big English tests that were graded. You generally get a...
A. F. I'm flunking the class, but my friends don't seem to care, so why should I?
B. A. As always.
C. B. Not too bad. I made a few mistakes on the last questions.

If the teacher asked you to study harder, what would you say?
A. Why? I wanna be a supermodel, and all they need to know is how to be pretty.
B. I'm sorry. I'll try harder.
C. Well, alright.  

Do your parents know your grades?
A. Heck no! If they did they would kill me.
B. Of course. And they're super proud of me.
C. Yeah. They say I can get my B in English up to an A, but they think I'm doing pretty good.

If you got mostly A's...
You're lazy daisy! Seriously? You need to think about your grades. And you should keep your parents up to date too. They have a right to know! Don't think that your grades don't matter. They do. And if you want to go to college, you should start trying. Advice? Ask for a tutor if you're seriously flunking, but if you're are just lazy, have your parents help you get motivated.

If you got mostly B's...
You're school savvy! You totally got everything covered. You have your goal, your motivation, and the brains! You're a complete package; be proud of yourself! Don't stretch yourself though. Try hard, but don't harm yourself by doing it.

If you got mostly C's...
You're in the middle! You've got some ups and downs. My advice is to try both. You're in a good spot, but if you want to stick in one spot... I recommend being school savvy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Quote of the Day
“You can’t enjoy your life if you don’t enjoy it with others”
I was browsing one of my favorite sites Kevinandamanda the other day and I came across a post. It was about a Scentsy Candle Giveaway Contest, and I was super excited. There is this brand of scents called Scentsy and they look absolutely amazing! If only I win the contest. My dreams would come true. I'm dying to try Sticky Cinnamon Bun, "Cinnamon and sweet icing with warm, nutty nuances". I heart bakery scents! And I love cinnamon buns! I really, really love them! 

Also I think Hazelnut Latte would be really good. "Frothy steamed milk, toasted hazelnuts, espresso, and vanilla with a dusting of cinnamon". Ahh. Sounds like heaven. 
Oh, and I think Scentsy products would be a really good idea for Christmas presents. I love Christmas. Happy Early Holidays! :) 

Baking & Cookie Tips

Who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies? Okay, if you're answering yes, please tell me and I'd be happy to give you a taste of my favorite recipe.

And if you don't like cookies, why not cookie dough? You have to like cookie dough. Smooth, sugary, vanilly cookie dough. You have to like it. It's so amazing. 

Well if you like cookies (the real thing or dough), you should like baking. Why not make cookies or any dessert the way you wanna make it?

I'm here to give you some tips on baking, since I love to bake and I know the ways that work best for myself. 

Okay, to start you off, I'm going to give you tips on...

Vanilla: What a delicious ingredient to add to cookies. You can tell a good cookie when you taste the vanilla on your tongue. Tip #1- I enjoy vanilla, so when I make desserts, especially cookies, I always add extra vanilla. There is definitely a difference when you add more. Believe me.  

Dry Ingredients: When you're dealing with dry ingredients, it's tough to measure the exact amount. Right? Wrong! In fact, it's very simple if you do it the right way. Tip #2- For me, that means scooping the ingredient up, making sure it's a little over the top, taking a knife, and slicing the access ingredient off. That's right! Oh, and Tip #3- Make sure you swipe all access ingredients off over a small bowl. That way, it will make it much easier for you to clean up! 

Baking Soda: This is a very simple tip, and it usually says it on the Baking Soda containers. Tip #4- Get a new box of Baking Soda every month. This makes fresher-tasting food, and you know we all love fresh food!

Eggs: Cracking eggs is kind of tough. Sometimes you mess up so badly you need to crack a completely new one! But this trick will help when it comes to making mistakes. Tip #5- Crack your eggs in a small, seperate bowl. This way, in case you do mess up (for example, dropping egg shells), you can just dump the egg and start over. You won't have to make the whole recipe over again!  

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Box

Quote of the Day
“Giving up is an F at life”
Thanksgiving- how do we show our appreciation? How do we say thank you for everything we have? Here's a fun idea. Make a Thanks Box for the people you want to thank, such as your parents or grandparents.

Make a Thanksgiving Box for someone important to you. First you will need a box. It can be cardboard or a shoebox. Decorate the box with pictures and your favorite colored construction paper. For example: if you were making this box for your grandma, you could cover the box with cute patterned paper and paste pictures of you and her on it. You could even add buttons and stickers to get more creative.

Okay, here's the fun part. It'll take some thinking skills... so get ready. Think of what you want to thank your (Example: grandma) for. Is it the present she gave you last Christmas? Is it her sweet smile? Is it her warm, chewy cookies she bakes for you every time you come to her house? You should probably make a list of this ideas so you don't forget them.

Now you're going to symbolize the things your thanking them for. If you're thanking them for love, put a stuffed heart in the box. Symbolize all your other things and place them in the box. 

Thirdly, you are going to include special things in the box. It could be pictures, or a poem she wrote you, or a painting you made together. Whatever it is, make sure it's something valuable between you two. You can even put a scrapbook in the box. 

Make sure the insides and outsides are completely decorated and give your box to the person you're thanking on Thanksgiving Day. It will be so special for the person to see how much you care about them and how you're truly thankful for the things they do!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tiny Book of Happy Things

Quote of the Day
“If you believe in yourself, the world will believe with you”  *

I just want to say "Happy Halloween" to all of you out there. (I know it's not Halloween yet, but its Sunday so close enough :) I hope you have a spook-tastic weekend full of scares, fun, and lots of candy! (I MEAN LOTS OF IT!!!) LOL :) P.S., I have a craft for you!

The Tiny Book of Happy Things
Okay, I know this isn't the most creative idea out there, but I think it's pretty clever considering many people have anger management issues and don't know how to get rid of it.

Yelling at your parents? A big NO, NO. You need something that doesn't involve others, something that doesn't harm anything (including your teddy bear). This is where my idea comes into place. And this also could help when you're sad, so emotional wrecks, listen up too. 

Okay, I guess you can call this a craft. But it is also for useful purposes. For this, you will need pictures, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings (you'll know what you need once you hear the next part). Okay, you will also need paper. Patterned and colored paper might make it cuter, and stickers are also a good idea. You might also want some markers or a writing material. 

To start the craft you need to make a small booklet out of your paper. It doesn't matter if you tie, staple, or glue the papers together. Just make sure you can flip through it. P.S., if you read my other craft, this is similar. But also different. 

So once you make your booklet, gather things that are important or make you smile (that you can paste on paper). Maybe it's a picture of you as a baby, or a picture of you winning the science award; maybe it's even a dog collar because you love your dog so much. 

These are some good examples. Make sure you have several things (Pictures is a good idea and it would be much easier to glue a picture in your booklet then a medal). Make sure all these things remind you of a happier time. 

Glue the things into pages in your booklet and decorate this. This will be your "Tiny Book of Happy Things". Whenever your mad, tired, stressed, sad, bummed, or just waiting for a miracle, look at your book. 

It will remind you of all your success and how much happy times you've had. It can make you smile, laugh, or cool off. This is a good idea to keep you calm. Hope you liked it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Early Entrepreneurs

Quote of the Day
“Everyday is a gift, that’s why they call it the present”  $

It is such a busy month in October. Especially when you have school and halloween and all this stuff. I’m going to start my new business. If you know me then you know I am a major entrepreneur. I’m pretty sure it started two years ago, when I realized there are plenty of ways to earn money if you’re young and are not old enough to get a job. 
    Businesses are fun and easy, but only if you’re willing to put enough hard work into them. You can do a bunch of things. Sell homemade crafts, sell homemade products, design cards, sell clothing, walk dogs, or babysitting. That’s just the beginning of the list. Those are the things I would do. But there are lots more ideas. You could even tutor a younger person if your smart in a certain subject.             
    But before you start a business, consider how much time you’ll have to put into it, and if it’s the right thing for you. You don’t want to be walking dogs if you absolutely hate them. Another tip* don’t do a business just to get money. Do it because you enjoy doing that thing. For example: I like baking treats so I started selling cookies that I made. 
    Another tip* don’t make things too expensive. People like buying from home businesses because they know they can get the things they like for a cheaper price. The cheaper it is, the more people will buy from it. 
    Secondly, don’t do businesses when you have a busy schedule. Rushing to get stuff done is not professional. You want to take your time, whether it’s making a product or walking dogs.
    If you making a product, be sure to be clean. Don’t forget that you’re selling this to other people. Would you want dirty hands in your body lotion?
    Now, also a major question: where to sell? How will you get your business out in the open? How will people know about it? Well, you can make business cards and hand them out, post signs around the neighborhood, talk to your neighbors, email your friends, make a website, make a blog; any of the above works. Tell your family to tell their friends or people you know to spread the word. 
    You can sell anywhere starting from door-to-door or sending the product by mail. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a good way to get your business out there. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Favorite Sites

Here are some of my favorite sites - this is the best site ever!
Cutest fonts and awesome recipes. In fact lots of fonts from this blog are from it! - the best cards, blankets, notepads, photo books; this site has memorable gifts for any occasion. - Okay, all future authors and poem writers out there; you wanna get out there? Go on this website. I myself like to write stories and I published one on here and it turned out absolutely amazing! These also turn out as great gifts (I got my book as a gift!)

I'm serious, check out these websites. I belief you will like them :) 

What Shoe are You?

Ok, here's a fun quiz. What shoe are you?
Your friends would describe you as...
A. fun and outgoing
B. shy and studious
C. relaxed and laid-back

If you had to pick something fun to do, what would it be?
A. going to the movies with your friends, and afterwards, sleepover!
B. staying at home, curling up on the couch and reading your favorite book.
C. taking your dog for a walk

You'd most want to go to...
A. Paris. For their fashion and food!
B. Germany. I want to learn a new language
C. Wherever the Olympics will be

Your idea of a cute dog is...
A. a yorkie with a crazy outfit on!
B. a yellow lab
C. a Great Dane

When you're shopping for shoes, you look for...
A. the one that stands out the most
B. the simple one
C. most comfortable

If you got mostly A's... congratulations, you're a pump!

If you got mostly B's... congratulations, you're a ballet flat! 

If you got mostly C's... congratulations, you're a tennis shoe! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas

Teens and Tweens- don’t know what to be for Halloween? Here are some fun ideas.
*Candy Corn
*Candy Cane
*a fairytale character (Example: Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep)
*A gypsy
*a color
*a movie star (not a specific one; wear sunglasses, a dress, look like a movie star!)
*a witch
*Alice in Wonderland
*An old lady
*Strawberry Shortcake
*Lady Gaga
*a cheerleader (I know, very boring, but very simple)
*a dancer (like the cheerleader costume)
*prom queen (my friend’s idea)
*a maid
*a brat
*a gymnastic
*a rock star
*your best friend
*a model
*a snow queen (a silly but easy outfit; wear white leggings, white furry boots, a big fluffy scarf, WEAR ANYTHING THAT IS WHITE AND FURRY.)
*A sesame street character (this is what I’m being)
*or I thought of this recently- remember Candyland, the game we all used to play (or possibly still do)? Be a character from the game. It’s fun and creative. (For example: to be Mr. Mint, wear long striped white and pink long socks, red shorts, red fluffy slippers or shoes, and a striped long-sleeved shirt.)

Little Miss Chef: Small Snacks Recipes

Everyone loves snacks, whenever, wherever. Whether you’re watching a movie, or sitting on the couch doing your homework, it’s good to have a nice snacks. 
    I have some ideas for my favorite snacks. Popcorn (the best). How to shimmy up this simple snack? Add all kinds of toppings. Butter, cheese (melted or shredded), garlic seasoning, parmesan cheese. This is a favorite and these toppings taste delicious. 
    Another common snack is cheese and crackers. Cheese and crackers are perfect and you can top anything on it. You can even put different cheeses on top of another, and pepperoni too! :) I heart cheese and crackers. 
    Third snack: you may think this is disgusting but I think it tastes really good. Salami and cream cheese. It is absolutely awesome (too me!). Feel free to try it!
    Fourth snack: cucumbers and cream cheese mix. To make this, mix cream cheese, sour cream, and ranch dressing mix. This recipe should be on a ranch dressing mix packet.
    This are some good snacks. Hope you try them out and enjoy them!

Headphones Case

Do your headphones or cords for any electronic devices get tangled? Now don’t lie, I know they do. Don’t be embarrassed... mine do too! It’s nothing to be ashamed about. I mean it just happens naturally. Unless you know the secret (Shh... don’t tell anyone about this. It is for exclusive Bizzy Blog readers only LOL :) Well, I’m not going to let my beautiful Apple headphones get ruined so I made a nifty little case for them! You know what this means? I will share them with you!


Headphones Case
  • 1 small tin or container (As you can see I used a candy tin. Make sure if you use a previous candy container that you clean it out completely and dry it completely so that no sticky gunk gets on your headphones)
  • Plenty of ribbon (To be honest, I have no idea how much I used so just estimate)
  • Glue dots, hot glue, double-sided tape (Any of these will work. Caution: DO NOT USE REGULAR GLUE. THIS WILL BE STICKY AND MESSY AND YOUR RIBBON WILL NOT STICK)

Okay, let’s get started. You’re going to take your ribbon, loosely wrap it around your tin, and estimate how much you will need. Cut that amount off and set it aside. Next, grab whatever adhesive you would like to use and spread it all around the tin.
Now, the last part’s a little tricky, so if you’re getting confused on the way, just stop me. That was a joke. Okay! Actually it’s the fun part. Start at the top and make your way down with your ribbon. That’s the way! You can overlap it if you want to give it that messy look I gave mine. Okay, I’ll admit it wasn’t messy—it was kind of crappy. But hey, it wasn’t my fault! I had no time and I wanted to do a quick tutorial.
But that’s the end of it. Carefully wind your headphones into an oval and tuck them in a case. And you’re on your way to a more organized life!

Mini Photo Album

I’ve been really in the crafty mood this week. I think it’s because I had a craft-related project for school I was working on. 
This is how my craft area looks when I’m working on a project. 

I know, it looks messy, but you HAVE to have everything laid out in front of you when you’re working on scrap-booking or a craft. Or else you might miss something that would work really good for the project you’re working on.
I have been working on a present for my cousin’s birthday- a little booklet with pictures. It’s super cute and doesn’t take a whole week. 
Paper Photo Album
-Several patterned or solid sheets of scrapbook paper. Make sure they all are in the same color range. 
-Paper cutter for straight edges, and stickers, ribbon, or embellishments for decorating. 
-Double-sided tape or glue dots-or a tape device. (WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE GLUE. Glue can ruin the pictures and it will look sloppy. Glue Sticks are exceptional though.)
-Small binder rings (you can probably get them at craft stores and any office stores)
Cut (as many as you need) sheets of scrapbook paper in your chosen size. For my booklet I cut the sheets a little smaller than the mini scrapbook papers’ size. After you're done, punch holes in the corner of each sheet. They should be even.
Then put a binder ring in the holes of the papers. I added a few bows of ribbon around the ring to give it that cutesy look. 
Now decorate your booklet! Center the pictures, and layer them with different papers. Be creative! I added ribbons, buttons, and stickers to most of my pages. 
This booklet turned out great and everyone loved it! It is an awesome present to make for someone you care about. Homemade presents are way more special than store-bought ones because that shows you care. Try making one for a Christmas present. Have fun!