Monday, August 29, 2011

Cheetah Toes

Cha-cha-cha-cheetah-cheetah. Cha-cha-cha-cheetah-cheetah. Do you know what that means? A nail idea! And you know what else that means? A nail thats cheetah-licious!

This gorgeous design was created two weeks ago, when I originally took the pictures and planned to present them. But, unfortunately, I don’t know where the time went. So now I’d like to show you them!

My sister’s friend originally was making cookies, so I’d have adorable cookie nails, but the blobs became misshapen and different sized so we decided to call it a cheetah nail instead.
These were created with Essie’s little brown dress and sand tropez. I really heart these two polishes and yes, they would make perfect cookie colors but they also made perfect cheetah print colors!

Bye, bye!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chocolate Frogs (with a little spice)

So my sister and her boyfriend went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the end of last month, and I didn’t want to bother writing a post, because blogging is sometimes BLAH. And guess what she brought me back?
Yes. At first I thought it was a chocolate frog, and I semi-wished it was, because those things are so darn good! But I already received a chocolate frog from a friend last summer, so she wanted to get me something special. Like, maybe something that has to do with my recent mint-obsession?
You know what this means?

Peppermint Toads!

It’s too bad that they melted together on the way from Florida to our state. But you can still kind of see them, can’t you? Those cute little mint chocolate toads peeking out from that block of melted dark chocolate?

Have a great evening!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Four in the Morning Cookies

I did it. You know, when I want to make dessert for a long time, and I am sitting on the couch thinking I will get up and just do it, I usually don’t. Because Hulu is so addicting (snicker, snicker). No, but really? I’ve been waking up every morning for swimming, and am totally not used to this amount of exercise. My muscles don't like me very much. I couldn’t even stand after I ran and did all of my strength tests. Wow. I'm so lazy. And slow.
So I meant to post all of these POSTS I WILL BE POSTING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS waay earlier. Because they happened waay earlier. But who cares? Not me. Kay, so it was like 3 in the morning. My siblings and some friends had GAME NIGHT, and since I’m the underdog, I unfourtunatly had to sit out most of it. But the weird thing with underdogs is that they’ll do something extraodinary when you are least expecting it. Which is why I answered all of the questions know one else knew. Ha ha. I am soo sneaky.
These things are called sugar cookies. They are supposed to be yummier clones of the Lofthouse softies, but they don’t remind me anything of them. But they are still good.
So at 4:00 in the morning (this is NO lie), I made cookies for the guests. And guess what? They turned out GREAT. My brother absolutely hates sugar cookies, and he only goes for my chocolate chip. Which is why he kept nagging me to add those brown things (sorry, inside joke), but seriously, isn’t there a reason why they are called SUGAR cookies?
But guess what? He loved them. He is a pig. He just kept on stuffing them in his mouth. That is why I never get to try anything I bake. See who I live with? He couldn’t even wait for the stupid frosting.

I know they are not as pretty as University of Cookie’s, but hey, I’m new to this.
Here’s the frosting. I liked the baby blue, but everyone else hated it, so I made them again a few days after and brightened up the blue a bit so that it was really vibrant.
Next time I will make them more flat. With these cookies, I used a small scoop. I will still use the scoop, I will just round it with my fingers after.

Ew! Naked cookies.
Happy baking!
*Note: This should have been posted at an earlier date*

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Midge Devours the Dog Treat

So, yet again we will begin a post with a sad sob story from my childhood. It is about the girl who didn’t have a dog.
You know how in grade school practically everyone had a dog? Whether they got it from the local pet shop or a dog breeder or a family who could no longer keeps theirs, everyone had a dog. (If you didn’t have a dog in your childhood feel free to speak up)
So I was always the jealous little girl who wanted a puppy but never got her wrinkle-faced pug (No offense to those who have pugs. I love em’, especially their wrinkly faces! :) And I never got my puppy, not yet anyway (snicker, snicker)
And speaking now, I have a waterfall habitat living in my basement, which makes me regret that day where I decided to board red-eared sliders with my family and we ended up as the turtle freaks.
Now we will go onto my cure for the girl-without-a-dog. I ended up taking over a dog-watching job with my aunt’s pooch when she had to go on vacation. Back then it was the dog and her hermit crab. And now it’s just the dog. Ever since I was 8 or 9, I’ve been watching that same puppy. Except he’s no longer a puppy. More like an old, depressed man. But it works. Most of the time, anyways. (That’s from Secret Life, by the way. And yes, it doesn’t mean ANYTHING to me)
And recently, I’ve gotten 2 more clients for dog-sitting. And you may think that’s not enough, but doing that has made me most of my money all these years. That and birthday money :)
I’m going to show these glamorous dogs first before I get onto my story of the wheat-free one.
First there was this one. He used to be so happy. Then my aunt had kids and his life went down the toilet. He’s been through so much—tail-pulling, being thrown down the stairs, being hit—I’m surprised he’s still alive with those two little monsters. (No offense to my aunt if you reading this! I love you and your beautiful children!) But, honestly? What 1 and 3-year old doesn’t want to ride their dog like a pony? (Obviously not them!)

Fredo: Maltese
The second one, well, she’s too radiant that I’d even have a picture of her (Or her huge abs= inside joke). Her name is Lexi and she's a rat terrier. She is very energetic and she likes to run (which isn’t good for me when I’m the one being dragged along on walks) or when she’s peeing and exploring FOREVER when I let her out at night. But, at least she eats, unlike Fredo above.

The third one, I just started watching recently. She’s really cute and I adore yorkies with floppy ears (Shouldn’t everything have a cute pair of floppy ears?). I’ve only had experience with pointy-eared yorkshire terriers before, so this pup was new to me. The ups of her: She is very cuddly and cute. And she eats super fast. The downs: She has a wheat allergy so it’s hard to find yummy, good treats for her. Which brings me to this post.

Midge: Yorkshire Terrier
I figured some place would have wheat-free dog treats right? I mean there’s dog treats everywhere! So I went on a quest. I went to Three Dog Bakery.
Now if you haven’t heard of this place, it’s like The Plaza Hotel for dogs. It’s gorgeous and welcoming inside. These people sure know how to pamper a dog.
And what do you know, they had wheat-free treats. Go, Elizabeth, Go! (If only I were a boy and Mexican—they could make a show about me!)
So Midge practically knocked me over to get to those. She could already tell. *Yes, finally! Treats with no wheat! I heart you, dog-sitter!*
*This is Midge talking, if anyone bothered to notice*

Yum! (If your dog is sitting right next to you at the moment you are reading this, 1 out of 10 people say he probably licked his lips—the 1 was me :)
You know how people say that humans can eat natural dog treats because they don’t have all those acids and yucky leftovers of chicken and fish and crap that dogs can apparently eat? Well, even when it says that, don’t try it. When I think this stuff is going to taste like actual s'mores, because I’m being dumb and thinking dogs eat the same things as us, my taste buds are struck by something that tastes like cardboard and water, together. Don’t worry, they are quality treats, but they taste different to dogs. Because Midge surely enjoyed them!

Part 1: The bag is being opened.

Part 2: Look what’s inside!

Part 3: Beggin’ for S’mores!
Part 4: Peanut Brindle
Part 5: Chewy on the outside
Part 6: Gooey on the inside

The rest was all a blur, literally...

Me and Blogger don't get along very well, and we had a fight about posting the rest of the pictures. Like always, it won. But I won't have to spare you the final details :)
The aftermath.

Have a jolly day and if you have a dog you should stop by your local Three Dog Bakery. Enjoy!

Bye, bye!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cookie... Yum!

So here’s a little short post today... sorry I haven’t been blogging recently. I’ve really been stressing over something that I prefer not to mention, only not to ruin the moment here. So today, after swimming a crap load, I received a treat. Why would you care? Great question!
I think you would care because of this...

I know, CRAPPIEST PIC IN THE WORLD, but it’s cute, right? I love that perfect little cookies as much as I love the little local bakery it was from. The best thing about that bakery is their sugar cookies. OMG their cookies are to DIE FOR! They are so sugary and sweet and I could probably eat a dozen in 5 minutes. They also have little lemon tarts that I enjoy and their caramel apples are delish! Word of advice, stop by every bakery you pass when you are out. You never know, you could find peace there. While snacking on some cake (snicker, snicker)
More words of advice, I would try to make this cookie if I were a highly advanced cookie decorator, however my decorating skills are certainly too special to do even a simple design like that. Enjoy though!
And who else is surprised from that last shocking detail of Ali’s death on Pretty Little Liars last night?