Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY: College Survival Kit

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last blogged. What was it, like six months? Sorry for the delay, if there are still any stragglers left. I sure hope there are, because I would certainly love it if people actually read my blog and enjoyed it. I really really truly hope that someone does. So if you do, you are awesome, and making my day a little better :)

Well, today I saw a robin’s egg on the driveway. You guys know what robin’s eggs look like, right? They are those tiny, Tiffany blue eggs that light up the sky. Yeah those. And when I saw it, I knew that it was going to be a good day. I mean come on. How perfect are those little eggs. They are so cute. And I don’t see them that often. I mean, you’d think I would, considering robins are Michigan’s state bird. How do they even determine state birds and flowers anyways? SO confused about that.

Sorry for the rambling, I do that a lot. Let’s get on to the tutorial.

DIY: College Survival Kit

I made a College Survival Kit. That’s right, the perfect gift for a graduate going off to school. And I see these $100 kits all around. Let’s be honest. Whatever people are putting in those kits... it does not cost $100 dollars. I mean, seriously?! Hands up if you agree. So I decided to make my own. Because for years I have wanted to give one of these things but have never had the time or motivation. This kit was for my brother’s girlfriend, who is also a crafter. Sometimes I don’t like making homemade gifts for people cause I know they won’t get it or appreciate it. You crafters out there catch my drift?

But I knew she would like it. So I researched a bunch and tried to figure out... what do college kids really need but won’t spend the money on?

I got some normal things people suggested, but also added my own twist, keeping the graduate’s interests in mind. Here is a list. It might not have everything because my picture doesn’t include everything and I already gave out the gift and can’t remember what I exactly put in it.

If you’d like a copy of my label and gift explanations, you can find a downloadable pdf here
 College Survival List:
-bandaids and ointment
-loose change (quarters for laundry)
-nail polish
-hand sanitizer
-Q-tips, cotton pads
-lip balm
-a good-quality or cute pen
-sticky notes

Pretty sure I had more, but I don’t remember. Keep in mind that I made this 4 weeks ago. Cut me some slack guys!

Now, I went shopping at a few places to get these things. For example, you can go to a cheap place, like a dollar store or Christmas Tree Shops, and still get good items.

After I found my things, I had to look for the perfect bag. Something super cute, not super expensive, and thoughtful. Originally I was going to put the gifts in a sand bucket with a shovel attached given it’s summer... and how cute is that idea?! Until I found this adorable little bag at Christmas Tree Shops. It was super cheap (around $5) and looked very bookish {is that a word?}. With the leather looking straps, canvas lining, and plaid initial, to me, it indeed looked bookish. Aannnnd, I got the initial of the graduate’s last name, so bonus points for me :) If you find a mini suitcase or something similar, that would totally be adorable for this kit as well!

After I placed all the items in the bag, I created a little key that listed all the gifts and explained the reasons for them. If I do say so myself, I love the little emergency crosses that I included beside the title and in place of bulletpoints. 

I finished off my kit with an adorable label which I created on the computer, printed out on white cardstock, cut out, and attached with twine. Yesiree, that’s how it’s done in this house.

Dang, I am a master of labels. No, seriously, look for yourself.

After this, send the kit off to your favorite graduate.

**Now that I think about it, I could have gone overboard and gotten some wicked things to put in there. It was just supposed to be little, but if you want to spend some more money, you could give a mini fan, a shower caddy, a ramen noodle book, or some fun chick flicks that every college girl needs (that means Mean Girls and John Tucker Must Die, BTW :)

**Some things I included were specific to the graduate’s needs. For example, she’s a runner, which is why I included headbands. Chiclets are her favorite gum. And nail polish... well everyone should have a fun color of nail polish!

Adapt this kit to your own likes and needs. I hope you enjoyed! Bye, bye!


  1. I just wanted to say thank you!! This is a great tutorial <3 Very helpful for the one I am making right now :)

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