Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Simple Pineapple Cookies

Hey, you guys are gonna love me for this. I actually took pictures. Yeah! Of how to make these cookies. They are super tropical and super popular. These probably went the fastest at the party. However, my cookie cutter was so giant that I didn’t make much.

For these cookies you will need:
-orange in piping consistency
-yellow in flood consistency
-green in loose consistency
-tips #4, #2?, and a leaf tip (or you can make your own!)

First, bake your cookies {but you knew that already}

Outline in orange with a #4 tip (I like #4, the others seem too small)

Flood the cookies with your yellow. Let dry for an hour or so.

Drawing a picture helps organize everything. Here’s mine.

Now we’re going to do the crisscrosses. Piping straight lines is a lot easier for me then piping shapes. Pipe the lines on one side, then pipe over, going the other way.

Let dry for a bit.

Pipe little dots in between each diamond. These are going to be your thorns. Finish by piping your leaves with a leaf tip. Or cut a little v-shape from your piping bag. This video helps explain how. Also, practice making little leaves on parchment first. You’ll be golden!

Now you’re done! You have perfect easy pineapples!

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