Friday, December 3, 2010

Do You Rule School?

Quote of the Day
"To can't be the best if you don't believe you are"

Ready to find out if you're school savvy or if you need to step up your game?
Take this super-short quiz to find out!

You have a quiz Monday... what do you do over the weekend?
A. Ahem... do you even have to ask? I wait till Sunday night and party the rest of the weekend.
B. Study of course. 24 hours straight.
C. Study a little bit each day.

Your English teacher just gave you back the big English tests that were graded. You generally get a...
A. F. I'm flunking the class, but my friends don't seem to care, so why should I?
B. A. As always.
C. B. Not too bad. I made a few mistakes on the last questions.

If the teacher asked you to study harder, what would you say?
A. Why? I wanna be a supermodel, and all they need to know is how to be pretty.
B. I'm sorry. I'll try harder.
C. Well, alright.  

Do your parents know your grades?
A. Heck no! If they did they would kill me.
B. Of course. And they're super proud of me.
C. Yeah. They say I can get my B in English up to an A, but they think I'm doing pretty good.

If you got mostly A's...
You're lazy daisy! Seriously? You need to think about your grades. And you should keep your parents up to date too. They have a right to know! Don't think that your grades don't matter. They do. And if you want to go to college, you should start trying. Advice? Ask for a tutor if you're seriously flunking, but if you're are just lazy, have your parents help you get motivated.

If you got mostly B's...
You're school savvy! You totally got everything covered. You have your goal, your motivation, and the brains! You're a complete package; be proud of yourself! Don't stretch yourself though. Try hard, but don't harm yourself by doing it.

If you got mostly C's...
You're in the middle! You've got some ups and downs. My advice is to try both. You're in a good spot, but if you want to stick in one spot... I recommend being school savvy!

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