Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Quote of the Day
“You can’t enjoy your life if you don’t enjoy it with others”
I was browsing one of my favorite sites Kevinandamanda the other day and I came across a post. It was about a Scentsy Candle Giveaway Contest, and I was super excited. There is this brand of scents called Scentsy and they look absolutely amazing! If only I win the contest. My dreams would come true. I'm dying to try Sticky Cinnamon Bun, "Cinnamon and sweet icing with warm, nutty nuances". I heart bakery scents! And I love cinnamon buns! I really, really love them! 

Also I think Hazelnut Latte would be really good. "Frothy steamed milk, toasted hazelnuts, espresso, and vanilla with a dusting of cinnamon". Ahh. Sounds like heaven. 
Oh, and I think Scentsy products would be a really good idea for Christmas presents. I love Christmas. Happy Early Holidays! :) 


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  2. Hi Bizzy!! I love your blog!! I also love kevin and amanda!! I hope one of us win the giveaway!! did you see the cute plug ins at sentsy?