Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soccer Fox Card

I got a Cricut™ cutting machine for Christmas and at first I barely used it, because #1 I had no cartridges and #2 I had no time. Then I was introduced to this amazing software Sure Cuts A Lot™.  And then I found out about this amazing site SVGCuts . They have free files you can download for Sure Cuts A Lot™. And the two programs work together to create something even better than a Cricut™  cartridge. All you do is buy the program and you can cut anything for no extra money. How cool is that? 

So I have the Sure Cuts A Lot™ program and I use SVGCuts all the time. And wait till you see what adorable card I made today. It was quick, fun, and cute. A belated birthday card for my cousin who loves soccer. And what do you know, SVGCuts has a free file of a Soccer Fox. So I downloaded the file, and changed the colors a little. 

Instead of red brown for the head and tail, I used a light orange (I think this makes the fox look more girly). And Instead of the blue shirt I did a pink shirt and I added a pink bow. Also in this project, the eyes are a little too small, so I made two small ovals with a black permanent marker. 

After I cut all of my shapes out, I used my Xyron Create-A-Sticker Machine to stick it all together. This is one of my favorite products because all you do is slide your paper in, crank it through, rip off the access stuff, and peel your object off. Adhesive sticks to whatever is on there, and there's no messy, extra glue to deal with. This is a very friendly adhesive machine that everyone can use, including kids. 

After I glued everything together, I stuck it to a small piece of pink and white polka-dot KIWI™ Embroidery Paper and it was good to go! This only took me about 5 minutes, and I stuck it in a small pink envelope I found in my extra envelopes box. You can try this fun craft out if you have Sure Cuts A Lot™. Hope you enjoyed it!


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