Monday, February 21, 2011

Homemade Gift Boxes

I had no time to show these darling gift boxes to you during the Christmas season. Yes, that's why they are made with holiday scrapbooking paper. 

These boxes are the most simple and adorable things I've ever created. I made about 5 of them for this Christmas and everyone loved them. 

Okay, so let's get started. You need a sheet of 8 1/2"× 11" piece of scrapbooking paper or colored cardstock, whichever you prefer. I used Christmas scrapbooking paper for my boxes. 

On the longer side of your paper, score at 2", 5", 7", and 10". On the shorter side, score at 2" and 7". Now, the next part is tricky to explain so I made a diagram to show you. 

Okay, this isn't the exact size it would be if you actually made the craft. Obviously I can't make it but these lines are similar to the ones you will see when you score them. 

After you score, first cut lines A, B, and C, up to the two horizontal lines on the other side of the paper. Tape them together with a strong adhesive. At the bottom half, where D, E, F, and G are, press them together. 

Make two holes with a hole punch at the top and slide some matching ribbon through them. Put in some tissue paper and your gift and tie the ribbon into a beautiful bow. You're good to go!

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