Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cheetah Fingernails

Ah, the glory of the difference of these two designs. Remember my Cheetah Toes post back in August? Well, let the memories flood back. This time I did my nails myself and painted my fingernails, not my piggies. I’m so sure that the last one was better, but here they are!

What I did was coat the nail polish brush very lightly. If you have too much polish you will have big blobs, not cheetah spots. Be careful, and the messier, the better. Remember, this is cheetah print, not perfect zebra stripes. It comes easier the more nails you do. Just dab your brush onto your nail in very quick, sharp movements until you create spots.

Have fun and try this out! Mistakes are natural!
Bye, bye!

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