Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vintage Floral Nails

Hola and cómo estás? By the way I’m currently in a Spanish class. Ok, I kinda lied about how I was doing a continous post for multiple days. I kinda forgot. But here, is a pretty cute nail idea I did multiple months ago. My inspiration is this pic I saw on Pinterest (Below). Obviously, they’re not as sweet, but I think I did a solid job. Forever ago I tried to make designs on my nails with skinny paintbrushes, because I thought that’s how it goes. Eventually, I realized, ‘Ok, every time the nail polish spreads to my whole nail, so obviously I’m doing it wrong’. And I was. The key is to use acrylic paint and use a toothpick. And now I’m like, ‘Ok, that makes sense’. Now both my fingers and toes are natural, because I think I’ve noticed a bit of a yellow shade. Nasty. So I’m giving these cuticles a break. But here you are!

Now these are not mine. They are the ones from Pinterest (the link on Pinterest wasn't very clear but I'm letting you know this is not my design nor my photography I just want to show you where I originally found the idea). Mine have the same idea. But my lines aren't as clean and straight and I did not have that pretty turquoise color so that makes a difference. Now here are mine:

-Multiple toothpicks
-nail polish (this girl has light blue and a soft pink. I just used a french pink but if you have her colors please use 'em)
-clear coat
-acrylic paint (dark green, light pink, darker pink, white, etc.)

1. First clear coat
2. I'm going to do tutorial as if I used two colors. Paint your index and ring finger pink. Paint your thumb, middle, and pinkie blue.
3. Start with the stripes. Dip the tip of your toothpick at your cuticle and drag it upwards to make lines. Do this multiple times and on your fingers with pink.
4. Now we're going to do the little flowers. Dip your toothpick in the dark pink and make little blobs all over your nails. After dip a new toothpick in the light pink and making smaller blobs over the dark ones to form flowers. If you want make tiny white spots in the middle of the flowers.
5. Add leaves with the green paint. Same as the blobs but drag it out more to look like a leaf. This is no art and no sure way to do it. It shouldn't look perfect because flowers aren't perfect and this is kinda messy and vintage.
6. When they're dry, always apply a top coat and let dry! Enjoy!

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