Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baking, Anyone?

Well, it just so happens I finally finished my to-do list. I've worked out a lot this week (Yay! This was at the top of the list), I made cupcakes (Known as the best cupcakes they've ever tasted to the people who've tried them), and I've gained a lot of money to donate to this hospital I've started to help (Thanks to all who've helped me!)

I've decided I want to try a new recipe at least once a month (I was going for once a week, but you know how Americans are soo busy busy!)

So, this week, I made cupcakes for my sister. They turned out perfect, until I wrapped foil around them right after they got out of the oven. I went to the mall, and when I came back, they were ruined! Sob... sob... I was just kidding, they weren't completely ruined! The tops got a little soggy, so I shook a little powdered sugar on them and continued the recipe. And after I piped the frosting on, I have to say, they were... AMAZING!!!

The cupcakes were Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes from KevinandAmanda. I may have mentioned this website once. Or twice. Or thrice. Just kidding. That's not a word. But excuse my bad jokes, but may I describe these? They were so tasty and soo good! The frosting was absolutely my favorite part. However, I did not lick the frosting off first. I'm not that kind-of-girl. I like to eat the whole cupcake together. Don't worry, the cookie dough doesn't have raw eggs in it so the cautious people can calm down. Now. Be prepared. When you make these cupcakes, and you share them with others, you will get a lot of complements. But I told them all to give credit to Amanda. All I heard this weekend was "These are the best cupcakes I've ever tasted." I'm serious. I'm not joking. Really. Everyone told me that. Today I'm so bored from hearing that this weekend. My relatives came over today and they finished the rest of them off.

But believe me, I will definitely be making more soon :) But besides the cupcakes, look what I've decided to do for Easter Brunch? Everyone probably knows about these already, but in case you haven't, why don't I tell you? This site, Bakerella, introduced us all to cake pops. Yes, cake balls on lollipop sticks. How cool is that? And don't let me forget to remind you they're adorable too! So cute!! I'm making the baby chicken pops, and a lot of my cousins are still little, so these will be perfect! I am honestly jumping for joy here. I am soo excited to start them! And if they work good at this party, I plan on making them for every party! There is so much variations of them and they are such a creative idea. There's even a book you can buy.

So yep, that's my update about what I'll be making in the next week or so. Happy Early Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny fills your baskets with all your favorite goodies! LOL :)

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