Friday, April 22, 2011

My Green Post

Do you know what today is? Come on, don’t be afraid to guess. Well, if you are a clueless citizen (not to be offensive or anything), but it’s Earth Day! Yes, the beautiful day where we worship the land we stand on. Oh, and it's Good Friday to those who are *religious* like me (*Don't eat meat*) And we bend and kiss it and praise it (I was just kidding, don’t kiss the ground. That might be a little too friendly) Below is our wonderful Earth.

It’s so gorgeous I think I might cry (sob, sob... just kidding) But really. Mother Earth is unbelievably amazing. It’s so amazing I might fall flat on my face just thinking about it. But ignore the weird things I do. Just focus on the blue and green swirly colors in the picture above. I picked up trash all over a field and found some pretty... interesting things. I will not mention them, because it may be slightly disturbing, but ignore that too! This is what I want to know. How will you help the Earth today?
Don’t be worried if you don’t know, it’s one of those things we humans wonder about sometimes. Do something nice for the Earth. It can be anything. Even the smallest thing will make you feel a bit like you accomplished something.
Because I don’t want to copy—and I’m lazy—the following are links to some great pages:

 Have fun with these! P.S. Remember this chant: When you're trying to have fun, remember rule #1- Earth is our Mother. So let's try to save her! I know, it's lame. Ignore it. Bye!

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