Saturday, August 20, 2011

Four in the Morning Cookies

I did it. You know, when I want to make dessert for a long time, and I am sitting on the couch thinking I will get up and just do it, I usually don’t. Because Hulu is so addicting (snicker, snicker). No, but really? I’ve been waking up every morning for swimming, and am totally not used to this amount of exercise. My muscles don't like me very much. I couldn’t even stand after I ran and did all of my strength tests. Wow. I'm so lazy. And slow.
So I meant to post all of these POSTS I WILL BE POSTING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS waay earlier. Because they happened waay earlier. But who cares? Not me. Kay, so it was like 3 in the morning. My siblings and some friends had GAME NIGHT, and since I’m the underdog, I unfourtunatly had to sit out most of it. But the weird thing with underdogs is that they’ll do something extraodinary when you are least expecting it. Which is why I answered all of the questions know one else knew. Ha ha. I am soo sneaky.
These things are called sugar cookies. They are supposed to be yummier clones of the Lofthouse softies, but they don’t remind me anything of them. But they are still good.
So at 4:00 in the morning (this is NO lie), I made cookies for the guests. And guess what? They turned out GREAT. My brother absolutely hates sugar cookies, and he only goes for my chocolate chip. Which is why he kept nagging me to add those brown things (sorry, inside joke), but seriously, isn’t there a reason why they are called SUGAR cookies?
But guess what? He loved them. He is a pig. He just kept on stuffing them in his mouth. That is why I never get to try anything I bake. See who I live with? He couldn’t even wait for the stupid frosting.

I know they are not as pretty as University of Cookie’s, but hey, I’m new to this.
Here’s the frosting. I liked the baby blue, but everyone else hated it, so I made them again a few days after and brightened up the blue a bit so that it was really vibrant.
Next time I will make them more flat. With these cookies, I used a small scoop. I will still use the scoop, I will just round it with my fingers after.

Ew! Naked cookies.
Happy baking!
*Note: This should have been posted at an earlier date*

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