Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Most Pinkish-Lemony-Cupcakes In the World! (I promise you)

I was never a huge fan of lemonade. If I was to choose between Pepsi or lemonade, I would have definitely chosen the lemonade, partly because I have no interest in fizzy drinks that are called POP. However, if I had to choose between water and lemonade, I would choose the water. I am simple with the drinks I like, and water or milk is always the way to go for me. But not chocolate milk. No sir. Just plain milk. Pop is a big no-no for me, but lemonade isn’t. I’m just, not a big fan. Like, I can have it once and a while, if there’s a lemonade stand in the neighborhood, or if I’m exhausted on a hot summer day. Same with pink lemonade. And this brings me to this post. I originally meant to post this earlier. Like most of my posts. And by earlier, I mean JUNE. That’s right. I can be a procrastinator sometimes.
So my mom was having a potluck for her friend. And since I am usually only allowed to bake big desserts for certain occasions, I saw my chance. I had been wanting to try this recipe for ages, not because I wanted to taste it, but because these cupcakes are so darn cute!
Erica Sweet Tooth is one of the coolest and cutest sites I have ventured upon, and I plan to venture upon it as much as I can. If that means missing swim practice, so be it. (That was a total joke, BELIEVE ME!)
Question: Did I use the word venture correctly?
Answer: Probably not.
Erica’s are obviously much fancier and cuter than mine, but I did create some unique cupcake toppers to go along. Come see!

Since I wanted everything to match, I also found some cute pink and yellow cupcake wrappers somewhere in the back of the pantry. Happy dance!
And can you see those lemonade labels sticking out from the toothpicks I connected them too? Aren’t those capital S-W-E-E-T?
I loved these things. The taste was a little too lemony for me, but someone who loves lemonade will probably love these.

Bye bye!

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