Friday, September 30, 2011

Calories You’ll Be Burning Off (for the rest of your life)

Dude, you know that longing you sometimes get for a sweet treat or a dessert that kills your innocence? I’ve always gotten that. And like a normal, craving girl, I eat a dessert.
Being an athlete, when I have a treat it tastes like gold. Which is weirdly disappointing. So today, after swimming at the least 1000 yards, I devoured a chocolate cupcake. It was pretty relieving. And I had Déjà vu. I remembered tasting another chocolate cupcake, that was almost too chocolaty to handle (and I am the chocolate QUEEN here).

This summer, I did it. I made Amanda’s creation. The Brownie Batter Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes. And savored every last bit of them. Just kidding. Most of them went to the stomachs of relatives. They were truly, a chocolate overdose cupcake. I had printed this recipe several decades ago (as if!) and had been waiting for the right moment to bake these babies up. Too bad they took up almost all of my day.
This might just be the loveliest picture of my life.
It’s chocolate, sandwiched by chocolate, sandwiched by more chocolate. This may just put someone in a chocolate coma. If you are prone to these, be aware!
But they were greatly appreciated and adored, and I think it was a well job done.
So kudos to chocolate, and Amanda for her baking skills. This was a fun time. I highly recommend making these, but I also recommend bringing them to a party. This is way too much sugar for one chick to handle.

Bye, bye!

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