Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mini Photo Album

I’ve been really in the crafty mood this week. I think it’s because I had a craft-related project for school I was working on. 
This is how my craft area looks when I’m working on a project. 

I know, it looks messy, but you HAVE to have everything laid out in front of you when you’re working on scrap-booking or a craft. Or else you might miss something that would work really good for the project you’re working on.
I have been working on a present for my cousin’s birthday- a little booklet with pictures. It’s super cute and doesn’t take a whole week. 
Paper Photo Album
-Several patterned or solid sheets of scrapbook paper. Make sure they all are in the same color range. 
-Paper cutter for straight edges, and stickers, ribbon, or embellishments for decorating. 
-Double-sided tape or glue dots-or a tape device. (WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT USE GLUE. Glue can ruin the pictures and it will look sloppy. Glue Sticks are exceptional though.)
-Small binder rings (you can probably get them at craft stores and any office stores)
Cut (as many as you need) sheets of scrapbook paper in your chosen size. For my booklet I cut the sheets a little smaller than the mini scrapbook papers’ size. After you're done, punch holes in the corner of each sheet. They should be even.
Then put a binder ring in the holes of the papers. I added a few bows of ribbon around the ring to give it that cutesy look. 
Now decorate your booklet! Center the pictures, and layer them with different papers. Be creative! I added ribbons, buttons, and stickers to most of my pages. 
This booklet turned out great and everyone loved it! It is an awesome present to make for someone you care about. Homemade presents are way more special than store-bought ones because that shows you care. Try making one for a Christmas present. Have fun!

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