Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tiny Book of Happy Things

Quote of the Day
“If you believe in yourself, the world will believe with you”  *

I just want to say "Happy Halloween" to all of you out there. (I know it's not Halloween yet, but its Sunday so close enough :) I hope you have a spook-tastic weekend full of scares, fun, and lots of candy! (I MEAN LOTS OF IT!!!) LOL :) P.S., I have a craft for you!

The Tiny Book of Happy Things
Okay, I know this isn't the most creative idea out there, but I think it's pretty clever considering many people have anger management issues and don't know how to get rid of it.

Yelling at your parents? A big NO, NO. You need something that doesn't involve others, something that doesn't harm anything (including your teddy bear). This is where my idea comes into place. And this also could help when you're sad, so emotional wrecks, listen up too. 

Okay, I guess you can call this a craft. But it is also for useful purposes. For this, you will need pictures, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings (you'll know what you need once you hear the next part). Okay, you will also need paper. Patterned and colored paper might make it cuter, and stickers are also a good idea. You might also want some markers or a writing material. 

To start the craft you need to make a small booklet out of your paper. It doesn't matter if you tie, staple, or glue the papers together. Just make sure you can flip through it. P.S., if you read my other craft, this is similar. But also different. 

So once you make your booklet, gather things that are important or make you smile (that you can paste on paper). Maybe it's a picture of you as a baby, or a picture of you winning the science award; maybe it's even a dog collar because you love your dog so much. 

These are some good examples. Make sure you have several things (Pictures is a good idea and it would be much easier to glue a picture in your booklet then a medal). Make sure all these things remind you of a happier time. 

Glue the things into pages in your booklet and decorate this. This will be your "Tiny Book of Happy Things". Whenever your mad, tired, stressed, sad, bummed, or just waiting for a miracle, look at your book. 

It will remind you of all your success and how much happy times you've had. It can make you smile, laugh, or cool off. This is a good idea to keep you calm. Hope you liked it!

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