Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Shoe are You?

Ok, here's a fun quiz. What shoe are you?
Your friends would describe you as...
A. fun and outgoing
B. shy and studious
C. relaxed and laid-back

If you had to pick something fun to do, what would it be?
A. going to the movies with your friends, and afterwards, sleepover!
B. staying at home, curling up on the couch and reading your favorite book.
C. taking your dog for a walk

You'd most want to go to...
A. Paris. For their fashion and food!
B. Germany. I want to learn a new language
C. Wherever the Olympics will be

Your idea of a cute dog is...
A. a yorkie with a crazy outfit on!
B. a yellow lab
C. a Great Dane

When you're shopping for shoes, you look for...
A. the one that stands out the most
B. the simple one
C. most comfortable

If you got mostly A's... congratulations, you're a pump!

If you got mostly B's... congratulations, you're a ballet flat! 

If you got mostly C's... congratulations, you're a tennis shoe! 

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