Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wet and Sticky is Very Icky, Sticky and Wet Makes Mommy Upset

Who knows what this quote is from? Come on, I know you know it. Alright, I guess you give up. It's from iCarly. That pre-teen show? Yeah. Why am I saying this quote, exactly? Who knows. See, that's kind of how people are. If we say something random and funny, everyone around us will burst out laughing, whether they know what we said or not, just because it was out-of-the-blue. And then a little while later they realize that it was not funny at all and they wonder why the heck they were laughing at it anyways.
Yeah, random, I know. That's how it works with me (giggles). Okay, so the reason I said that corny quote (tee-hee, isn't the word corny hilarious?) is because I have something sticky to share with you today.

Yes I created this picture with some Kevin and Amanda fonts, only because it's pretty cute, and I did not want to deal with copyright issues by stealing some other pic off the Internet
Mod Podge. Ever heard of it. Since I was an elementary student, I always thought it was pronounced like Modge Podge. I also thought it was spelled like that, but let's save my history of bad spelling and pronunciation for another day, shall we?
So anyways, Mod Podge. What is it? It looks like really thick glue that drys clear and shiny. And since I was determined to send a traveling journal (by the way thanks to my auntie for telling me about eighteen25. If you're reading this you know who you are!) to my sister while she is away—and I've been wanting to buy my own Mod Podge for a long time—I said what the hey and got a bottle plus a pack of 6 sponge brushes for only .99. Not including the sticky stuff, folks. Sorry. America's not that cheap.
And the story ends happily! I spread that Mod Podge over the cover of my already-made journal and smiled to myself. When I was done it was all glossy and shiny and the paper was sealed together. It turned out perfect.
I recommend you go out and get some Mod Podge if you haven't already. This stuff works like a charm and I've already got a few other projects in mind I'd like to use it for. I also suggest stopping by Hobby Lobby. This place may be a scrapaholic's dream. They've got rows and rows of everything you could ever need for crafting. And the prices are perfect. I shopped there one night to make my last-minute gift for my bestie's birthday party and I got a whole lot of crap for one small price.
I hope you enjoy! By the way, who’s as shocked as me about the Pretty Little Liars episode that premiered Tuesday?

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