Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cookie... Yum!

So here’s a little short post today... sorry I haven’t been blogging recently. I’ve really been stressing over something that I prefer not to mention, only not to ruin the moment here. So today, after swimming a crap load, I received a treat. Why would you care? Great question!
I think you would care because of this...

I know, CRAPPIEST PIC IN THE WORLD, but it’s cute, right? I love that perfect little cookies as much as I love the little local bakery it was from. The best thing about that bakery is their sugar cookies. OMG their cookies are to DIE FOR! They are so sugary and sweet and I could probably eat a dozen in 5 minutes. They also have little lemon tarts that I enjoy and their caramel apples are delish! Word of advice, stop by every bakery you pass when you are out. You never know, you could find peace there. While snacking on some cake (snicker, snicker)
More words of advice, I would try to make this cookie if I were a highly advanced cookie decorator, however my decorating skills are certainly too special to do even a simple design like that. Enjoy though!
And who else is surprised from that last shocking detail of Ali’s death on Pretty Little Liars last night?

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