Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting to Know Sure Cuts A Lot 2: Cutting With Your Cricut™

Don’t you hate when you really want to do something but you just can’t? That’s how it works with me and baking. Last night, at 11-something pm, I had an absolute need to bake. Maybe it was from drooling at pictures on Erica Sweet Tooth (You do not know how much I heart this site) or all those new ingredients I have in the pantry just waiting to be used (real vanilla, flour, soft brown sugar) and those extra ingredients that would be perfect for a recipe on that site (graham crackers, Hershey’s, and marshmallows). But I had a need. I really needed to bake something fresh out of the oven. And guess what? I didn’t. Why not? It was 11-something pm.
So now that we got over my random sob story, let’s get started!
Tuesday I revealed some very healthy tips on where things are and what you use them for. Today, I’m going to show you how to get a picture from the Internet perfected on your virtual mat so you can cut it.
Step 1: Go into the Internet or your personal picture library and pull out the image you want. Save it.

Step 2: Click the Add Image button and find your pic. Once you have, open it.

Step 3: This window will pop up. Don’t freak, it’s supposed to look deformed at this moment.

*Sorry about this, but Blogger was being stupid and it kept on switching Step 4 and 5 around*

Step 5: Your image should now be on your virtual mat. Get ready to play with it’s height and width until it looks semi-normal.
Step 4: Tinker your picture with Settings and preview after each change until it looks how you want it to. Click OK.

Step 6: Get rid of your Shapes Table and Font Table. That way you have a more clear view of your virtual mat.
Step 7: On your Properties, check Keep Proportions

Step 8: On your Properties, control Position & Size by changing the width and height of your object.
Step 9: On your Properties, control Position & Size by changing where your object is located.
Step 10: Cut your object with your Cricut™ connected to your computer.

Happy crafting!

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