Friday, October 14, 2011

Thanks A Latte Card

Five years ago (last February), I created this thank you card. And now I decide to share it with you. What’s wrong with me?
I thought this card was totally genius when I thought of the idea. Then I found out 5 million others did the same thing before me. Some great idea.
But isn’t it cute? Come see!

My first attempt was to print out multiple Caribou Coffee logos on brown card stock. I then continued my failure and tried to cut coffee mugs out of the same card stock. 
And with what, you say? With my Cricoto of course!
(P.S. This means Cricut in Spanish if you’d like to know:)
I eventually gave up with the idea of Caribou Coffee mugs and I added a little creativity. I found a mug on the Internet that served as my template for my own mug. Then I cut the mugs out using some hot pink card stock and patterned scrapbook paper. Sorry, I cannot give credit to what brand the paper is, due to the stacks have already been thrown out. However, I did get both papers in stacks from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
After those were all cut out and clean, I designed a little label on my computer, coordinating with the circle Avery labels I had at home.

Aren’t they gorgeously adorable?
I’m in love with designing labels. From these to the Dory/Just Keep Swimming ones, I’m on a roll. I really wish I could share a free template of these, but that’ll have to wait until I find out how to make these sharable. Hmm...

P.S. Midge is here again :)

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