Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yes, More Treats from "That Bakery Next Door"

There is a time in life, when you realize something very certain.
  1. Maybe that momager of a movie star is just afraid of her superstar failing, because he/she has never fallen on the sidewalk and gotten a scratch.
  2. Maybe that genius in your 9th grade Bio class will be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, and you probably should have accepted his invite to Homecoming
  3. Or, when you realize you shouldn’t have ate that last brownie on the party platter
Whatever it is, we realize people can look back on their mistakes and realize what they did wrong. Which just makes us better human beings. Evaluating ourselves and saying “hey, I guess I could’ve done better”
I regret not showing these sugary treats to you back in the summer, when I ate them. Honestly, I was out of it this summer. I didn’t blog for weeks, possibly months.

Aren’t they adorable? The local bakery I told you about numerous times wanted to fill my belly with mushy wushy happiness that felt like a cloud in Heaven. It’s called: THE COOKIES (dramatic music playing in the background; preferably with an organ)

And up-close, they are 10× cuter!
Hope it gives some inspiration to all those decorators out there :)

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