Thursday, December 22, 2011


These cuties came from this blog. I made them for a few friends yesterday and they all loved them. They are not hard at all and they make an awesome little treat for a casual friend, coworker, teacher, or neighbor.

Snowmen Candy Bars:
-Photo paper OR computer paper (regular paper) P.S. How much sheets depends on how many snowmen you are making
-Hershey’s bars OR any favorite candy bar
-1 pack baby socks (color of your choice)
-black and orange permanent markers
-twine (mine was from The Twinery) OR ribbon
-double-stick tape OR other adhesive

1.) Prepare your Hershey’s bars. Cut your photo paper into rectangles that are 6 × 6 1/2 inches.

2.) Center your bars in the middle of the rectangle, then fold one side over and tape it halfway on the bar and halfway on the photo paper.
3.) Fold other side over. Turn Hershey’s bar over.
4.) It’s time to begin the fun part! Take out your baby socks and cut off the toe part.

5.) Stretch this over the head of your snowman (the top of the Hershey’s bar).

6.) Draw on your eyes with a black Sharpie.

7.) Don’t forget the carrot nose and his mouth!

8.) Tie your hat with a bow made of twine or ribbon.

9.) Adhere two buttons with a glue gun, tape, or glue dots.

Look at these adorable little beanies!

Hope you can make some little snowbars yourself as a last minute present!

Bye, bye!

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