Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Lotion Bucket

Okay, I know, I know this name isn’t very creative. But I couldn’t think of anything else. But hey, cut me some slack. Boy, am I excited for Pretty Little Liars tonight. It’s going to be intense. Who agrees? Yes, I know, off topic.
And today, and wanted to show you this.

I know, it’s an ugly picture, but I made this in late June, one Friday night, and I didn’t really care if my computer took ugly snapshots. I made it for a friend for her performance. Why lotion? That's a question we'll save for another day.
So I got one of the new deliciously-smelling lotions from Bath & Body Works for her. And I got some clear cellophane from Hobby Lobby and a adorable green bucket for a really cheap price. I just love this basket because it is so summery. Then I arranged the lotion and hot pink tissue paper I found at home in the bucket, wrapped it will cellophane, and tied it with some extra hot pink ribbon I had at home. Don’t you love it? I also attached a small flower I made with the basic shapes cartridge on my Cricut™ and wrote a little “good luck” note inside.
Happy crafting!

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